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I talked with a friend about the movie Primer (that I spoke about in previous blog entry). He has a really cool timeline chart that covers the movie pretty well. If your a geek at all, you'll love the movie! That movie is so cool on so many levels. I first of all liked the part of the machine functionality discovery. That was cool in itself. Then when he showed his friend at the storage facility their other selves, that was cool too. Then it was cool figuring out what all they could do with duplicate lives. And then it was cool to just figure out where it could go from there and then how to stop it. That's a cool swirling brain movie if ever I saw one. One of the best lines from the movie was "I'm starving, I haven't eaten since later this afternoon". My brain is still swirling on this movie!

I saw Wall-E and The Dark Knight. I loved Wall-E. The Dark Knight I didn't like. I guess I'm strange because it seems everyone I talked to loved it. To me it was just a character sketch type movie. You learn intimately the psychology about the Joker and some about Bat Man and some about Two Face. There were some explosions and action blah blah. There were a few relation ship things. Basically it was a chick flick slash horror flick slash plot twist movie with explosions. There was no real hero and all the villains you had to feel sorry for so there were no real hard villains. The movie was super long at 3 hours. The movie didn't know what it was in my opinion. I guess there was a lot of eye candy and good acting but it was a bad situation movie where it all just got worse and ended where it was bad. It was like a Shakespeare tragedy type movie. The good guys did bad things and the bad guys did good things. It was a backward movie. I could have done without seeing it. I did like the graphics on Two Face as gory as they were, they were cooly done. I guess that makes me morbid. The rest of the movie was so-so to me. I guess it made my brain swirl (as you can tell by my long review) but it just made it swirl backwards.

I saw Dr. Horrible's sing-a-long Blog. It's hilarious. It starts out slow but it gets better. It's cheesy and cool all at the same time.

I got to make a web program for Roger. That was fun. Of course between my lack of quality time and my other goofy projects, it seems I couldn't ever get to working on it. Anyway, it's working now, so it's back in his court on any changes that need to be made. Hope he likes it.

I worked on a popsicle stick rolling ball sculpture. I listed it on etsy. historically, popsicle stick rbs's don't sell well so I don't expect to sell it but it worth a shot.

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