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So I've had netflix watch instantly for a while now. I really love it. The latest flick I saw was really a swirling brain movie called Primer. It's about a couple of guys who build this contraption that they can't tell anyone about and what they do with it. It will really swirl your brain. I really enjoyed it. The other movies I've seen (not necessarily instant watch) include Underworld and its sequel. Of course Kate Bechinsale makes the movies so the next one without her will probably be a dud. These two are cool in that they involve vampires and warewolves and high tech. They have UV bullets and liquid silver bullets to kill each other. The really cool thing was the little hockey puck bombs they had that sprayed a gas mist and then do a sort of spark plug thing and go boom. A lot of violence and many quarts of blood later you have a sort of swirling brain movie. I saw Crossworlds too. It has a cool swirling premise but it's just B movie fun.

My daughter Natalie and I have been baking bread. She made a few loafs shaped like hedgehogs with red cinnamin eyes and spiky backs. She made a loaf that was made by braiding three strings of dough. They all turned out pretty good. She's having so much fun and I'm enjoying doing stuff with my daughter even if it is baking bread. We are using recipies for the bread machine. We basically just put in the ingredients and put it on the dough setting and then an hour later once the dough is ready we play with it then let it rise a little then bake it. It's cheap fun really.

Well, my medicine co-pays have gotten up to about $300 a month now. It's quite a bummer and really sucking down my finances. This is not including the co-pays we already pay for Bethany for her CF drugs which are quite expensive (Insurance pays over $5000 a month on her drugs!). We try to keep track of all our co-pay receipts and then we get some of the money back when we turn in our IRS forms. Still, it's a real bummer.

I have six 3D VBS songs made so far. They are looking pretty good. I'm hoping to have 9 or 10 made by Aug 4th when VBS starts. They are made where you have to wear the red/blue anaglyph glasses to see the 3D. I think the kids will have fun with it! It seems that the rest of the VBS won't be in 3D because it seems no one else really has the vision to do it. One friend there seems to have the vision and is doing some work getting T-Shirts made and fliers made but the rest seem could not care less about it. I'm really hoping that this year the 3D VBS will be a reality. Here's me still holding out hope.

My one year anniversary just came around at work (July 2nd) without much fanfare nor raise in sight but at least I still have a job. I still really love working there. I get to do tech support, program, test, you name it. There's quite a varity of work there. I'm trying to get a security clearance there so perhaps if it goes through I will have more job security. I've had the gov guys talk to me some and they've been interviewing my neighbors already! Anyway, here's hoping on that too. I haven't gotten to travel much since we haven't made many sales. The civilian side software isn't selling but the gov side is. I'm hoping my clearance will help to move me to the dark side so I'll have some sticking power. Our big civilian customer still hasn't committed yet. When/if they do, it will be a big deal and everyone will be happy. We have made some advances on the software and it looks pretty good if we can just release it soon, that will help our position quite a bit. We are testing it and testing it trying to make sure it's quality. So far it's looking pretty good but it still has a way to go before it can be released.

Prosper is still a cool way to borrow money. So far I've paid my load down about $1000. Only about 2-1/3 years to go on my loan. The children's clothes we bought hasn't been selling well. We're probably going to try to offload them on liquidation.com and try to get some of our money back. Here's hoping on that too. It seems we always lose so we'll probably get less than we paid for it. But, we need to cut our losses and at least hope we'll get some money back.

The catchfly seeds have sprouted but I haven't kept up on watering them regularly so they are not big at all yet.

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