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It's been a while since I poasted last. I guess I should post again.

I had been using blockbuster.com for doing dvds through the mail and now I've switched to netflix.com. Why? Because you can watch movies instantly online. So, I've been watching lots of older dr. who shows instantly. The quality is pretty good, as good as a vcr or better so I can't complain too much. Most of the movies start within less than 15 seconds! Not too many really good movies nor many recently released movies are available online but there are a few and there's always plenty of b-movie sci-fi goodness that I can choke down. The fun starts at $8.99 a month for unlimited streaming and 1 or 2 dvd movies out a month (can't remember) but you can go higher! I think I chose the $16.99 a month plan for 3 dvd movies out and unlimited streaming. You have to use IE for their DRM (blech) but I'm enjoying it. So far I've watched many Dr. Who shows, Silent Running, Organism, 2 Hellboy animated shows, a few religious shows, Nova documentaries, and a bunch of other stuff. My wife usually hogs the tv in the living room so it's like I can sit in my man-cave and watch what I want to watch. Very cool. I had a few dvds delivered which were MST3K dvds. They were mildly funny. I remember them being funnier but I guess it's funnier with the company you watch them with. When you are buy yourself you forget to laugh out loud so you don't remember it being funny. I've seen Girl in the Golden boots, Spider Invasion, and Godzilla vs. Megalon. None of them were that great. My wife reminded me of a movie like that called Adventure of the Dinosaurs but it wasn't MST3K instead it was when the USA channel had Captain USA doing something similar as MST3K. He made it funny.

I got to go to Hollywood in May. I got to see Hollywood blvd with the walk of stars sidewalk, Chinese Grummand Theatre and all the freaks there. I saw the Hollywood mountain sign thingy. I also went to Rodondo beach and saw a bunch of surfers. I went to ?Encino? and ate at McDonalds (whoohoo). I wanted to see Disneyland but missed it. I got turned around and ended up in downtown Los Angeles. They have these really cool trees near LA that have bright lavendar color blossoms. It's like looking at a bright purple tree where the UV just glimmers purple off and almost blinds you with purple! In downtown LA they have a park with like 30 of those trees. I don't know what they're names are but they are spectacular to see. I've never seen trees like that anywhere but in and around the LA area. I took pictures but the pictures don't do them justice - I guess the camera can't pick up the UV flare they have. You just have to see them to believe them. I saw a lot of signs on the telephone poles wanting to legalize marijuanna and I went through a lot of crummy neighborhoods as well as very nice neighborhoods. There was very much contrast in that area. LAX airport was a lot different than I remember it. it has grown and it was under a lot of construction. Most of the people were very nice and friendly that I met.

I'm working on my 3d song videos for our 3D vbs we'll be having this year at church. I have 3 and a half videos made so far. They look pretty good if I say so myself. I'm excited to see how well they go and how well the kids like them.

I still love my job. I'm coming up on working here about a year at the beginning of July.

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