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I had my 43rd birthday on April 12th. For my birthday I got a pair of New Balance shoes, a pair of Levis, a pair of Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut bars, a pair of Trolli worms bags. My wife wanted to do something special like the Wolf Lodge thing we did for her only not so depressing. However she couldn't think of anything good. She suggested going to Mideval times restaurant but I didn't want to pay around $200 just for a dinner show. She suggested going to PuttPutt and doing the Super Saturday special. However when she called to check on it, they weren't doing it anymore and they weren't even called PuttPutt anymore. So we went to Mr. Gattis for lunch and Panda Express for dinner. Mr. Gattis was my first job ever so it was sort of nostalgic. After leaving Panda we went into Game Crazy which was next door. They had a used old Xbox system cheap and lots of Xbox games cheap. Of course, our family is video game deprived so these older Xbox games are great for us. So we got an Xbox, 2 Dance mats, 4 games controllers, and like 15 games for around $150. We've been playing xbox games ever since. We're addicted to Burnout race car game. It's fun nudging the bots and even human competitors into oncoming traffic. Even my wife is getting into it! Ah the fun! For my birthday the family went to see a movie, "Horton Hears a Who". It was cute and very kid friendly unlike the Cat in the Hat and the Grinch movies were. Of course I had to yell at my oldest daughter at least once and apologize. So, my birthday this year didn't stink too bad.

I got some 280,000 mcd white LEDs. Yep 280k! I've played with them. I'm not sure they really are 28 candle power but they are pretty bright. They apparently have 3 led chips inside of one package as when you shine it on the wall it looks like 3 bright spots like war of the worlds aliens. I'm hoping to put them to use in my front doorway at my house as it's really a dark walk.

I've mentioned Prosper before and people have given me referrals. Thanks! So far nothing has panned out for me as far as the referrals go but it's interesting to see that people are looking at it. I'm down to $5700 owed left on my $6500 loan so that's like 22% paid. The loan is cool, but the clothes I bought with it are not selling so that's not cool. It turns out that ebay has raised their Final Value Fees (FVF) too. They're cheaper to list up front but they take like 9% for a FVF. That's really expensive so I'm not liking selling on ebay anymore. This is forcing me to check out other auction and selling sites. I think I'll look into Amazon and Bidz to see what it takes to sell there. I don't know if Yahoo is still going well but I may check them out too.

My mom and dad are into rocks! They want to make ?Cabishawns? I just think of it as rock jewelry. They may try to suck me into it which is fine. I thought it might be cool to go round with them to the arts & crafts shows selling the jewelry. That seems to be a popular thing to sell at shows like that. I may try to make some too to try to sell. I've been looking at the Art Clay Sterling Silver Clay but it's exensive stuff and probably not practical if we're trying to make money at it.

I got 4 packets of 5000 catchfly seeds on ebay. Catchfly plants are supposed to be pretty hot pink flower plants. I hope so. Anyway 4 packets of 5000 is 20k seeds! I put some around the big tree in my front yard, some in front of my bushes and some in a flower bed to the left of my house. I'm hoping it will look nice.

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