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Download the RoboMenu Konfabulator widget to get Robots.net RSS News feed and Robot of the day directly on your desktop!!! If you love robots.net then this is the thing to have for your desktop!!! I love it! (search for RoboMenu if it doesn't take you straight there) Of course you'll need Yahoo's Konfabulator Widget Engine installed for this widget to run. If you don't already know, Yahoo widgets on your desktop are pretty slick!

I found a refurbished irobot roomba scheduler for sale for $129 at buy.com! Usually they run around $250 new and this is the good one that you can schedule and it automatically finds the charging station and recharges itself when it gets low. so I begged and talked my wife into letting me buy it! We got it last week but I've been traveling so since I couldn't play with it I just stuck it on the charger and let it charge. It was sort of an ugly metallic avocado green color. Yuk! I'll have to paint it for sure as that color makes me want to barf. Monday & Tuesday I was in Alabama and Friday I was down in Austin, TX. So anyway I got back last night and had to run it. The whole family to my surprise wanted to see it run too! The girls were naming it cute robot names and putting my-little-ponies on it and wanting to put cracker crumbs in front of it. It was their new little pet/toy! The thing did a great job! I guess I can forgive the ugly color. On the package when I opened it, it says hobbyists can program it! I had sort of hoped I got the right version so that I could play with the programming. I'm curious what I can do with it as I'm not sure where or what programming utilities there are for it. Looks like I'll have to do some google searches to see what's out there. For $129 I think it was an incredibly good deal! Check it out!

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