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Last month my daughter got to take home the class pet hedgehog named Twinkie! Twinkie was so cute! We got to keep her all weekend and we just fell in love with the little hedgie! Well, now we want one as a pet. So I began looking for them. Went to PetSmart and Petsco. They can't be found! I called around and found Pet-a-rama in NW Plano had one for $145! I looked on craigslist and they had one for $90 in my area. I looked online and they range from about $75 to $300 plus another $265 for shipping! Wow! Of course me, I'm thinking of a money making opportunity. So if we got one, we'll likely get two a male and a female and see if we can sell the babies! If so, we may at least pay back what we paid for them and if it goes well enough, we may be able to suppliment our Disney vacation! So my wife, who hates animals, gave me a list of things I have to do if I want a hedgehog. None the least is to clean up my computer room. Like it looks like it'll be at least next year before we can have a hedgie because my room is a mess! But anyway, I have a plan to get a hedgehog. My youngest daughter is going wild with it! She's been drawing hedgehogs on a spiral notebook with hearts all around it. She's been drawing pictures of baby hedgehogs driving cars and riding motorcycles and any other picture you can think of that a child would draw with a baby hedgehog! She is so hyped on this whole plan it's not even funny! Every day she comes to me and tells me to clean my computer room! ugg. She also comes in and tells me about converting my plastic shelves into a hedgehot condo by just wrapping fence around it and building stairs. It actually sounds like a cool idea! Anyway we've had fun together hashing out our hedgehog fiendish plans! I can't wait for our new pets!

My test strips lady came through again. Another $1300 worth of test strips to sell! Yea! She also has a bunch of kids clothes that sounds like a really good deal. She's been selling them but she'll be going into surgery and won't be able to sell them for a while so she wanted to give me the opportunity. It's $5000 but I just don't have the money right now. So, I created a listing on prosper.com for $6500 to pay the $5000 for the clothes and $1300 for the test strips. We'll see if it goes through. Here's the listing to see if I can get some money for my ebay business: I need money. (the listing may take a day or two to appear).

I still love my new job. I just got back from Florida! They sent me to Tampa and Miami. I thought Tampa would be really nice, but it was really nasty. I tried to go to the beach but it was just a parking lot and no sand just rocks. There were a bunch of sea gulls so I broke up a pop tart and threw them pieces. Man, they got within 6" of my face. It was really scary so I stopped and got back into the car! Yikes! Anyway, I looked over at a pickup truck that was parked nearby and it was rocking. yikes. So as I was leaving I saw a big fat man get out and a young blonde lady. Yeah, you know what they were doing! So I get to the customer and of course I didn't bring that up, but instead they talked about how bad prostitution was in that area. Yeah, I'm thinking to myself, I saw it first hand, yuk! So I don't have high regard for Tampa. It's probably nicer than my first impression, but that was a bad first impression. I then drove down to Miami which was like 4.5 hour drive plus another hour or two because I stopped for lunch and shopping in Naples. I thought Miami would be nasty. I'm thinking Miami vice stuff from the 80s I guess. Actually, it was very very nice! I was quite impressed with Southbeach. It was a beautiful beach with beautiful hotels that lined the beach. The ocean drive was a nice restaurant row and like lots of shopping up and down the street. The beach had beautiful shells and fairly clean water sort of a light clear green tint. They had a lifeguard and those beach chairs all laid out nice with canopies and such. There was a boat pulling a guy with a parachute. In front of the beach there was park that the kids could play in and I could just go on and on more than I already had. I was very impressed. Just like you'd see in postcards! In Miami I had to do three customer installs. They all went well. I got to eat steak and excellent ethnic food. It's so cool, I love my job! Of course when I got back I had to deal with all the followup. That's not always fun but it wasn't so bad. Hopefully they'll purchase and I'll get commissions! Woohoo! They already have me scheduled for Alabama Nov 27th. Neato!

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