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19 Sep 2005 (updated 19 Sep 2005 at 05:14 UTC) »

Today I got another Stirling Engine working. So I was able to reproduce my procedure. My design is sort of a mish-mash of different designs that can be found on the web using aluminum cans. I sort of took what I liked from the various designs and made something I was happy with. Although the second doesn't appear to work as well as the first, it does at least work. It was kind of cool to see them both running at the same time. I've got three more in the works. I really don't know a good reason for making them other than I'm having fun doing it. I want to try to make a bigger one. Don't know when I'll get around to doing that, though.

So far, I'm not sure the small aluminum can stirling engine is powerful enough to run an elevator for a ball trail, but perhaps a few in series or a bigger one will be powerful enough. I think I'll try to design and build something that may work, now that I have a little experience with them.

I enjoyed the new comics page on the robots.net website.

We've started practicing our Christmas cantata at church. my choir is sort of small this year but I figure it will grow some as we get closer to Christmas. Everyone seems to like the cantata I've picked out.

Again, this year I may try to make some video for the cantata. If it works out it'll be the first time we've had actual video with the cantata even though we've planned it and planned it for years now. I give it about a 50% chance of me getting around to it.

Teresa and I went to a craft fair this weekend. We went more to check out how the booths were configured so we could figure out what configuration we may use when we sell ball trails at my first craft fair. Also, I need to build some sort of peg-board wall thing to hang my wall hanging ball trails on for display. I have a few metal shelves for the regular ball trails. I'll likely display a few stirling engines running and perhaps try to sell the plans in booklet or CD form (I don't know if I really will yet). My wife has started making some christmas tree ornaments that she wants to sell at the booth also. They sort of look like cloth pine cones. They're really a nice item. The craft fair is at the end of Oct so we still have about a month and a half to get ready. I need to make a bunch more ball trails if I'm going to make it worth while. I probably need to make like one every day or two. It's hard for me to stay with it because either I get distracted easy by other cool stuff I want to do or because I'm lazy (I'm not sure which I really am yet but I hope I'm the former).

Still no job. I've had several head hunter calls that either turn into nothing, they say I'm overqualified or they say they're looking for an SQL guy and when I say I know SQL then they say they don't want me because I don't have experience with their flavor of SQL or something. I mean give me a break - what's really the difference. SQL is pretty much SQL - you can learn the minor differences. Actually now I feel it's been a while and I've probably forgotten a lot. Programming is like riding a bike, though, you get a little rusty but you climb back on and get going in no time. I've had a few weird calls too. I had one the other day where a friend recommended me. I felt like the HR lady called me out of obligation but already had someone tagged for the job and was just calling me so she could tell my friend she called me but it didn't work out kinda thing. It was a weird call. Oh, and did I tell you about the call where this guy said, "My fellow HR guys say that you're not worth hiring but I want you to tell me why you are" I was polite to him but I wanted to tell him, "Well, I think you're an $#@$#@ but I want you to explain why you think you're not" is what I really wanted to say to him. It's amazing what dark weirdness really lurks in HR departments - I'm sure half of it I'll never know.

I got a reply back about the food stamps. They said call them on Sept 26th for a phone interview about it. I'm so amazed at what hoops you have to go thru to get some help. I'm wondering if taxes actually go for help or just go to pay people to deny help. Let's see, I can't get food stamps and I can't get unemployment benefits and so far I haven't been able to get CHIP insurance. Yet the gov throws around my tax money like there's plenty more where that came from.

Ok, yeah I guess lately I've been trying to fend off attitude and many other things. I'm really hoping I make some serious cash off this craft fair or I'm not sure what we're going to do. We'll probably have to sell the house if things don't turn around soon. I don't believe it will come to that, but I'm concerned that I'm starting to face that reality.

Some rental movies we've watched in the last couple of months?

  • The Sixth Sense 4.5 out of 5 swirling brains! I really enjoyed it. The kid can see dead people but it's not too gruesome and keeps you interested. It's more about how a Psychologist deals with the kid's reality. Pretty cool twist near the end. Leaves you with your brain swirling. Cool.
  • Saraha 2.5 out of 5 swirling brains. Mediocre at best but at least it was entertaining. Sort of a saturday afternoon matinee type movie.
  • Appleseed 4 out of 5 swirling brains. Great Japanese anime. A little violent but good. Runs long - could have been trimmed some but has great eye candy. Cool stuff about synthetic humans that protect mankind and how they deal with the two races humans and synth-humans. (forgot what they were called). This one has a few human brains in robot body stuff like Ghost in the Shell has.
  • Guess Who 4 out of 5 swirling brains. This one surprised me. For a race relations type movie I thought it was pretty fun and entertaining.
  • Steam Boy 4 out of 5 swirling brains. Great Japanese anime. Robotic steam stuff - you got to love it! Runs long - could have been trimmed some but has great eye candy.
  • Hitchhiker's Guide 1 out of 5 swirling brains. Don't bother. Rent the BBC video version it's tons better and that's not saying much.
  • XXX State of the Union. 3 out of 5 swirling brains. Another great entertaining movie for a boring saturday afternoon matinee. This is a sequal. It's missing vin disel. It was still ok and about as good as the first.
  • Epoch 2 out of 5 swirling brains. This is like a made for TV type movie sci-fi flick. It was ok for that type of stuff.
  • Ghost in the Shell. 3.5 out of 5 swirling brains. It has some great swirling brain moments. Great Japanese anime. The episode series is even more swirling brainish with human brains in robot body stuff taken to the extreme in every story. I think I like this series but like all japanese anime all the women are too racey. They could tone that done and it would make it better. No I'm not gay, it's just really out of place and makes it stupid.
  • Chronicles of Riddick. 4 out of 5 swirling brains. I really liked this but it ran too long and could have been trimmed quite a bit. You really need to watch Pitch Black first to understand some of the stuff about the cat girl but it was a pretty cool sci-fi flick. Vin Disel always acts overly macho overconfident bad guyish but it doesn't ruin the flick. I hope they have a third.
  • Chronicles of Riddick Dark Fury. 4 out of 5 swirling brains. This is an animated movie of riddick stuff. Has Vin Disel's voice. Great Japanese anime. It was a welcome next story for the Riddick stuff. Too dark and too violent but good. Still hope they have a sequel to Chron of Riddick.
  • Training Day 1 out of 5 swirling brains. Too dark too gritty and dirty. I wanted to wash it off me after watching it. Too much yucky to deal with for me. Don't bother unless you like bad street violence/drug stuff movies. I'd rather see something entertaining not a sick world.
  • Of course my wife rents chick flicks too but I'm usually on robots.net during those. :-)
8 Sep 2005 (updated 9 Sep 2005 at 03:40 UTC) »

I guess I should blog more often than once a month! Oh well.

Today I got a Stirling Engine working. I took a video of it with my cheezy digital camera that also does cheezy video. You can barely make it out, but if you squint you can see the Stirling Engine in operation (6.3mb mpg file). It took me several tries to get it going and I had just about given up but alas I put some ice in the top and it started turning all by itself! Wee! You can see a few pics on my web page. Update: I made some fixes, now it runs faster. (3.3mb mpg file).

I'm hoping I can make a Stirling Engine cheap enough, efficient enough, and powerful enough to run an elevator for a ball trail. I think it would be interesting. Maybe even strong enough to run a boat or a car or a tiny generator to run an LED?

I'm not sure why I'm so interested in Stirling Engines right now, but this is my current fad I guess. I'm having cheap fun and learing anyway so I guess that's all that matters for now.

Still don't have a job. I am still making ball trails (rolling ball sculptures) for the craft fair coming up at the end of Oct. I'm also listing the ball trails on ebay. Some sell on ebay and some don't but at least it's helping the finances a little.

I applied for food stamps. I guess that's an all time low for me, but I need to do something. :-(

I tried to make a stirling engine this weekend, but I never could get it to work, so I gave up. :-(

16 Aug 2005 (updated 16 Aug 2005 at 03:34 UTC) »

Well, I went and did it. I signed up for a booth at a local arts and crafts fair to sell rolling ball sculptures. The booth fee was $50 and I needed to have a Federal Tax ID. So, I went down to the state comptroller's office and got one. So now officially The Swirling Brain is my official company. So anyway I've been making a bunch of small ball trails and listed some on ebay. Two of the the three I've listed already have bids. I have a few others made up already. I'm hoping that within a couple of months I can have a gob of them made up to show at the booth.

At church I've been helping out with sheet rocking the fellowship hall. It's a big project. Since I've been out of a job I've been able to put time into it. The Youth Minister and myself have been a pretty good team. He holds the sheet rock in place and I screw it in, or vice versa. I've taught him all I know about sheet rocking and now he seems to have enough confidence to do it without me. Sometimes I'll arrive and he'll already have a sheet on the wall up and screwed! He's really gung ho about it and excited to have learned something new.

With my recent playing around with PIC chips again, my mind has been swirling on what all I can make with them. However, with all my current projects, it's sort of getting pushed to the back burner. :-(

My finances are really going downhill quick. Still no luck finding a decent job. I guess I'll have to learn how to say, "you want fries with that?" if something doesn't present itself soon. I'm really hoping my new metal sculpture business will help some.

28 Jul 2005 (updated 28 Jul 2005 at 01:33 UTC) »

I went to Church camp last week. It was a blast. I think as a whole all of the teen group are closer to God and each other. I took gobs of pictures which I'll try to assemble and make a slideshow DVD so we can show it Sunday night at church. Also, I took a bunch of pictures with my 3D camera. Most of those turned out great! I'm trying to convert them to red/blue type 3D so they'll be easier to see than trying to cross your eyes sort of thing.

This week I also went to Tanner's Electronics and bought a bunch of stuff to build an electronic analog clock. I finished the electronics part this afternoon. It's running on a pic16f84a with a uln2803a driving two stepper motors and it also has two buttons. One stepper motor runs the clock second hand, although I probably won't display a second hand only a minute hand and hour hand by gearing off the second hand. The other stepper will run the elevator for marbles. Hopefully it will be able to drop a marble down a track once an hour. I'll try to build the gears and the ball sculpture all out of copper wire. I'm hoping this will be a cool clock and rolling ball sculpture. One button allows someone to advance the time. The advance rotates slowly at first then slowly speeds up the longer you hold it. The other button will be at the bottom to detect when a marble reaches the bottom and will turn on the elevator for about 16 seconds and shut off so the marble will make it back to the top and wait for the next hour to be released again. I put all the electronics in a nice little black project case and so far the electronics part looks great.

Still don't have a job yet, but I'm not trying that hard either. I guess I should but I'm having too much fun with making and selling rolling ball sculptures. Although, they've sort of slowed selling lately. I'm not sure why. I figure as it gets closer to Christmas and people go back to buying frienzie mode I sell a lot more. Summer's probably a slow selling time for a lot of things. The grandfather clock rolling ball sculpture hasn't sold yet and right now it's listed for about half of what I first listed it for. I've been getting a lot of emails about it, so I figure it'll probably sell at the price it's at now. Here's hoping anyway, nothing's for sure.

Our church has begun a remodel. I've tried to help a few hours here and there. This first phase is the demolition and it's going rather well. I'm really surprised there's so many church members actually showing up and doing work!

Hopefully, I can get back to posting on robots.net really soon.

17 Jul 2005 (updated 17 Jul 2005 at 19:35 UTC) »

I'm going to Bogg Springs Arkansas church teen camp with the teens this week (Monday - Friday). Yes, I'm 40, but going with the teens makes me feel young. So anyway I won't be around next week to post any articles so steve will be the only posting for the next few days. See yall next week and pray for us that there will be lots saved and lots rededicated!

I've sort of given up on the job search for now. I guess I've been too bummed after leaving my last job. Instead I've been making and selling ball trails on ebay. I do have a few ball trails listed on ebay right now. My userid is swirlingbrain on ebay so search for them and check them out if you get a chance and perhaps buy one if you want. I checked out going to the cottonwood festival here in Richardson to show my ball trails, but they stopped taking applications July 1st so I missed out for this time. Even if I did try they have a non-refundable $30 application fee and also a $300 booth fee if they approve your application. Of which they get like 800 applications and only approve about 100 of them so chances would be pretty good I'd lose my $30. I'll probably go to the festival and check it out to see if I feel I'm up to snuff for their next show in May. I think I'd sell a bunch of ball trails if they'd have me. It's fun to dream anyway.

See yall in about a week!

Well, I've finished the Grandfather Clock Rolling Ball Sculpture and have listed it on ebay. I hope it sells. I've sold a few ball trails on ebay now. Do that and other odd jobs has kept me going while I've been out of a job. It's not totally making the bills but it nearly is and it sure beats working at my last job by a mile. Anyway, take a look at it.

To read bvdborgh's Robot trade show info in English:

  1. Copy a url link from bvdborgh's diary posts.
    (right click on a link and choose copy shortcut)
  2. Go to babelfish.altavista.com
  3. Paste the link into the babelfish's web link field
  4. Choose translation language "Dutch to English"
  5. Click translate web page

And voila, you get to see the web page in terrible broken english, but at least you get a vauge idea of the what the pictures are about and what great fun he's having there.

Thanks for the great pictures and info bvdborgh!

Well, lost my job today so it looks like I have time to post entries on Robots.net again. :-) Hire me before someone else does!

I've been working on the grandfather clock project. I found one handmade clock on ebay that used a spring technique for making the gears. It's pretty cool, so I made all of the gears that way (actually the gears are only partly done so far). The trouble I've been having is getting escapement gear to work properly. It does the tick- tock thing, but it binds in one place and stops at that place every time. I need to redo the bushings so it won't stop at that place. So after I get that prefected, then I'll go on to assembling the gear box. Several times I've wanted to give up and just get a cheapo AA clock movement. I really want to get this working so I'm trying to be tenancious. It's quite a learning experience, and I'm enjoying it even if it has been a little frustraiting. I'm hoping to make it where it will drop a marble every hour down a ball trail to the bottom and thereby ringing a gong on the hour. My confidence that I can get it working is like a roller coaster, up and down, but mostly up.

Still havn't sold the flower vase ball trail but I'm hopeful it will sell eventually. I sold the Java Duke ball trail for $76! woo hoo! The Jesus Saves ball trail I'm trying an expirament of listing it for 99 cents and see how high the action goes. So far it's up to $10.50 but it has a few more days left. I'm hoping it will go on up to something more reasonable before it closes but expiraments involve a risk.

Big Red's head gasket is no further due to the rain and hot weather. I'll get to it hopefully. Not too excited about it.

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