1 Oct 2008 TCJ   » (Journeyer)

It's been a while since my last post... so here goes.

Our project goals have been transformed somewhat. We've shifted our initial specialized focus of controlling the flight of an RC aircraft, to a more general focus of a data collector.

New components added to the project include a Trimble GPS unit, an absolute pressure sensor used in an altimeter circuit and possible components used for a tachometer circuit.

Our goal now is to make a GPS enabled data collector, which will log GPS data, along with altimeter readings, accelerometer readings and (potentially) tachometer readings. The collector will have two modes of function:

1) Collect data and stream it LIVE to a portable laptop via a serial connection. 2) Collect data and store locally, to be downloaded to a computer at a later time.

I am currently working on a VB program to both stream and download data from the collector. I am also working on the integration of the GPS unit with the rabbit board.

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