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16 Jul 2008 (updated 22 Jul 2008 at 15:36 UTC) »

Upon further testing, I've found that the frequency of the signal generated by the RX unit is well within the operating frequency of the rabbit, and should not be a problem to duplicate. This is good news, and will save me from purchasing a new development platform.
Initial testing of servos and RX unit
Initial testing of the servos and RX unit

This weekend should provide time to develop PWM code to test on the rabbit.

15 Jul 2008 (updated 16 Jul 2008 at 04:48 UTC) »

My first post of many detailing the progress of my final project for school. Have not come up with a catchy name for the project, but will work on it!

The embedded micro used for this endeavor will be the Rabbit 2000.

So far, I've connected the RX unit from the plane up to an oscilliscope and captured the control signal. I should be able to reproduce the signal using PWM from the rabbit. My only concern is that the rabbit won't be able to output at the same frequency as the RX unit.

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