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As a user of the OOPIC microcontroller, I have been frustrated now for a while at the lack of good development tools for that micro. This primarily means a good development IDE/debugger, and a good compiler. Ths existing IDE and compiler have many known bugs which add to the frustrations of OOPIC code development and testing. In addition, the C language support of the compiler is rather non-standard with many features missing, and other language details wrongly implemented (eg locally declared variables are actually created as globals, and function return values simply do not work!).

In addition, the existing OOPIC development tools only run on Windows, and the IDE in particular has problems with certain versions of Windows related to VB dependencies.

With all this in mind, myself and a few other OOPIC users have started a project to create a high quality, open source, cross platform compiler for the OOPIC microcontroller, which will have as close to standard C support as is possible for that microcontroller, along with BASIC and Java syntax support with many features and fixes above the existing proprietary compiler.It will run on Linux, Windows, and potentially OSX.

We have a SourceForge project set up for this, which we are currently using to discuss design issues prior to implementation, using Sourceforge's mailing list feature. If you would be interested in participating, please take a look here

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