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Robotics activities this week

Made modifications to my robot VexingBehavior in preparation for my Vex Workshop presentation. Added new cross members to mount the Ultrasonic sensor and below for the Line Following sensors. I also rebuilt the way I had the axles in the drive motors. I’m using the Tank Tracks and the way I had the motors, rotation sensors and outer track assembly mounted the axles would slide out. I fabricated an outer bracket that reaches between the front and rear axles and compresses the assembly holding the axles in place.

Added to my Vex programs for a line following routine. I have an example program using EasyC and have taken that to build a version using MPLAB and the WPILib library so EasyC is not required. I intend to make a third version using the C18 compiler without WPILib as another programming example.

Attended the team meeting for TeamTonka #1752

Attended our Kansas City Robotics Society (KCRS) meeting on Oct. 6.and we had a good-sized crowd. Actually we had our largest group ever thanks to a FIRST Lego League that stopped by after their meeting. We also had three students from TeamTonka in attendance.

Our KCRS meetings are now at Science City in Union Station. I’m on a committee to help with robotics related exhibits for the Science City museum and we got a tour of the facilities to see where exhibit space is located.

Presented at another Lego Mindstorms NXT workshop based on the third robot design from the Lego Mindstorms Mayan Adventure book. The kids built a SnapShot Bot robot that used a digital camera and took pictures as it drove around while leaving a trail of strings to retrieve the basket containing a key that unlocks the tomb’s library door.

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