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I have Found 10 commodore 64 key board units which seem to have a great deal of parts that can be used for robots. It will take some work to salvage the electronic components. But many of the transistors and capasitors and IC's look very useable. I also found 2 Timex Sinclair 1000's which have the Z80 processor. If any body has any info on how the processors can be used in a robot project. I would like to have such info.

Thanks Wayne 9/21

I'm not sure if my last post was among those to get lost or not. My name is Wayne Robbins I'm about to be 47 yrs old. I'm a full time student at ECPI Collage of Technology in Raleigh, North Carolina USA. My course of study is Network and Security Administration. I have been interrested in computers and electronics for many years. I have also wanted to learn about robots and robotics for a long time.I have foundedan electronics club at the school in hpoes of getting others there interested in robots and other forms of electronics. My project at this time is building a Graymark 603a Copy Cat robot kit. Most of the circut board is complete and I hope to get the rest done this week. I also have just recived the book , Junkbots by David Hyrnkiw. It has some very nice projects. I would recomend this book for any one starting out to learn about robots.

Wayne 9/18

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