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7 Apr 2009 (updated 7 Apr 2009 at 14:50 UTC) »

A new software product from Skilligent - Skilligent Visual Localization System - enables mobile robots and unmanned vehicles to visually localize by recognizing and tracking visual landmarks.

The new software is based on a significantly improved version of Skilligent Robot Vision System. The new version makes heavy use of a homography algorithm which enables 3D localization.

30 Oct 2008 (updated 30 Oct 2008 at 20:09 UTC) »

Here is a video of a terrain matching demo based on Skilligent's robot vision software

11 Oct 2008 (updated 11 Oct 2008 at 16:27 UTC) »

Here is a video of a launch of a robotic aicraft controlled by Skilligent software. A small PC/104 single-board x86 computer is installed inside the body of the aircraft. The flight control software is written using Skilligent Control System Framework software as a realtime programming framework.

Here is a video of a landing.

6 Oct 2008 (updated 7 Oct 2008 at 05:01 UTC) »

Skilligent software is successfully used for controlling a robotic aircraft. Our Thai partners are designing an innovative UAV autopilot. They use our software product as a programming framework for both onboard flight computer and for a ground control station which is basically a laptop with a joystick console and a radio modem.

It turned out that these days one can build a full-blown UAV autopilot by connecting together a bunch of off-the- shelf components. Very little soldering and no custom PCB design is required.

Here is a press release talking about the RPV flight control system that was created during the project. Here is a video of the RPV landing. More videos to follow as the system takes off several times a day to collect data needed for autopilot design.

20 Mar 2008 (updated 20 Mar 2008 at 12:10 UTC) »

A robot recognizes various objects and landmarks in a room:

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=fKoqePgsgHg

19 Mar 2008 (updated 6 Oct 2008 at 13:46 UTC) »

Skilligent has released a demo software package which demonstrates the object recognition capabilities of Skilligent Computer Vision System.

Users Guide, Skilligent Computer Vision Demo [PDF]

The article "Robot Learning Technology for Multi-Task Service Robots" [PDF] discusses the benefits which the robot learning technology brings to the field of multi-task service robotics.

The Skilligent Computer Vision product brochure [PDF] describes the capabilities of the computer vision system, a part of the Skilligent Robot Learning and Behavior Control System. The computer vision software can be also used as an independent software component.

27 Jan 2008 (updated 27 Jan 2008 at 10:16 UTC) »

The article "Designing a Control System for a Multi-Functional Service Robot" [PDF] describes the ways the Skilligent software can be integrated into robotics products.

18 Jan 2008 (updated 27 Jan 2008 at 10:13 UTC) »

A new application study titled "Healthcare/ Elder-Care Robot based on Skilligent Technology" [PDF] provides a conceptual decription of a service robot built to operate on the floors of assited-living facilities, aged-care facilities, health-care facilities and at homes.

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