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Here is a video of a robot created by students from KTH, Sweden. They used Skilligent Robot Vision software to improve the robot's navigation capabilities.

Here is a video of the vision software used for visual distance estimation.

7 Apr 2009 (updated 7 Apr 2009 at 14:50 UTC) »

A new software product from Skilligent - Skilligent Visual Localization System - enables mobile robots and unmanned vehicles to visually localize by recognizing and tracking visual landmarks.

The new software is based on a significantly improved version of Skilligent Robot Vision System. The new version makes heavy use of a homography algorithm which enables 3D localization.

30 Oct 2008 (updated 30 Oct 2008 at 20:09 UTC) »

Here is a video of a terrain matching demo based on Skilligent's robot vision software

11 Oct 2008 (updated 11 Oct 2008 at 16:27 UTC) »

Here is a video of a launch of a robotic aicraft controlled by Skilligent software. A small PC/104 single-board x86 computer is installed inside the body of the aircraft. The flight control software is written using Skilligent Control System Framework software as a realtime programming framework.

Here is a video of a landing.

6 Oct 2008 (updated 7 Oct 2008 at 05:01 UTC) »

Skilligent software is successfully used for controlling a robotic aircraft. Our Thai partners are designing an innovative UAV autopilot. They use our software product as a programming framework for both onboard flight computer and for a ground control station which is basically a laptop with a joystick console and a radio modem.

It turned out that these days one can build a full-blown UAV autopilot by connecting together a bunch of off-the- shelf components. Very little soldering and no custom PCB design is required.

Here is a press release talking about the RPV flight control system that was created during the project. Here is a video of the RPV landing. More videos to follow as the system takes off several times a day to collect data needed for autopilot design.

20 Mar 2008 (updated 20 Mar 2008 at 12:10 UTC) »

A robot recognizes various objects and landmarks in a room: v=fKoqePgsgHg

19 Mar 2008 (updated 6 Oct 2008 at 13:46 UTC) »

Skilligent has released a demo software package which demonstrates the object recognition capabilities of Skilligent Computer Vision System.

Users Guide, Skilligent Computer Vision Demo [PDF]

The article "Robot Learning Technology for Multi-Task Service Robots" [PDF] discusses the benefits which the robot learning technology brings to the field of multi-task service robotics.

The Skilligent Computer Vision product brochure [PDF] describes the capabilities of the computer vision system, a part of the Skilligent Robot Learning and Behavior Control System. The computer vision software can be also used as an independent software component.

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