10 Mar 2002 Seb   » (Observer)

Currently making a mini bot 100mm * 72mm, it will be totaly made by my self with the exception of the Ultra sonic rangers by deventech. This may sound wierd but I find useing kits so unrewarding, I feel like I might as well have brought it ready made. The robot will 2 motors (controlled by a home made/designed driver), 3 ultra sonic rangers, a peizo sounder, LED and button, and a Basic STAMP 2sx, it will be powered by 4AA batterys. I want this to stop my craving for biulding things (robots) as it cost too muct right now, so I will want to be able to make it do many things.

PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS GOR progeammes EMAIL ME no matter how chanlenging! madgwickboys@aol.com

My current ideas are: 1. rover avioding objects by taking the clearest route (from 3 ranger). 2. the robot will head towards the nearest object, so it will be following, well thats the idea.

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