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Waiting for dad to sort out a mail order for robot stuff, also me haveing problems trying to programa BS1 cos me used to a BS2SX, oh well.

22 Jan 2002 (updated 22 Jan 2002 at 13:23 UTC) »

Should be sending of for the chasis and motor bridges for the sumo bot tomorrow. Also I hoped to build my own sonor range finder to save money, but I can't find the ICs anywhere. I'll have to buy ready built ones (more money!). I want to put one of my bots on the net but I've taken most of them apart and half biuld something else, although I think I still have my lego mind storms so I'll quikly go and make some thing with that now.

I'm not sure want this diary is but I'll just mention (if anyone reeds this) that I'm starting to put together a small experimenal rover that I can expand on. All so I want to make my own sumo bot (see lynxmotion.com) cos I've had some great ideas for the programing side of it. Not sure where to get money fron though, could be looking at a couple of hundred pounds.

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