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Do you remember the old-fashioned game Pong? So we are proud to present Pong: the Robot Edition!

This project is an entertainment application based on Human-Robot Interaction, where the robot (Fujitsu's Hoap-3) gives a new gaming dimension to that old-school arcade game.

Rather than playing alone against a computer, the human player faces now a robot, which reacts according to the state of the game. Through appropriate speech dialogs and gestures, it engages the user in a fierce but unfair competition. Indeed, all disturbing techniques, such as in-game speech are included.

Will you dare to beat the robot?

This project was developed at the Learning Algoriths and Systems Laboratory (LASA) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL), and was presented at the ICRA'08 conference in Pasadena, USA in May 2008.

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