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Stanley (of Stanford) just won the DARPA grand challenge.

In case any of y'all were wondering.

The status board has a bug that keeps the time data from halting when the robot crosses the finish line, so even though Stanley had started out 2 minutes before Red Team (CMU) and been sitting idle for 15+ minutes before they arrived, the scoreboard still erroneously shows that Red Team posted a better time.

I'll be up early tomorrow to watch the DARPA grand challenge webcast. I'm excited about it, even if I'm bummed that my sentimental favorites (the motorcycle-bot Ghostrider from Blue Team) didn't make the final cut.

As much as I respect the work the teams have done this year, I'm kindof secretly hoping that no robot will finish, so that we can have an even more impressive competition next year.

The level of innovation and improvement over the last 18 months has been astounding.

Well, I should probably show up in the blogroll.

I'm a twenty-something Robot Designer with two degrees in Electrical Engineering and more spare time than I have any right to. I just launched Rossum's Children today because I've noticed that there isn't a really professional, well organized industry news tracker for just the development of robotics as a species (robots.net is awesome, but it's obviously really aimed at those of us already inside the industry/hobby).

The plan is to build up the news reporting capability of Rossum's Children over the next few months and have it running on a seperate host with its own domain by Christmas. If any of you are interested in contributing to Rossum's Children as story authors, metabloggers, artists or editors, feel free to drop me a line at rossumschild@gmail.com .

Heck, feel free to drop me a line if you just feel like talking about robots.

I'll try and keep this blog updated once a week with Robot news, commentary, and some info on my personal robotics projects.

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