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Angry Sparrows (Aka fixing a driveshaft)


The needle bearings from one of the u-joints.. This wasn't the worst


The shaft of one of the worse u-joints.. This one had no needle bearings left.

Last year my front drive shaft started squealing. Those of you who know me know my gripes with the local dealership in trying to get this fixed under warranty. On my last visit they went as far as to lie to my face and tell me they inspected it and couldn’t find anything wrong. Long story short, I pulled the drive shaft and replaced the u-joints and centering ball myself. As you can tell from the pictures taken shortly after my last trip to the dealership, they were rather destroyed..  It’s actually a pretty simple process, and a cheap u-joint tool from Princes Auto helped a lot… If only getting a dealership to do a proper warranty repair was this easy….

So, if you hear the angry sparrows a calling from your drive shaft, and lubricating does not help, replace those u-joints!

If you’re looking for a write-up on how to do this, I recommend Stu Offroad’s writeup: http://www.stu-offroad.com/axle/driveshaft/driveshaft-1.htm

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