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It’s not a robot until it looks like a robot.

Flycutting the Delrin Body

Flycutting the outside of the Chassis

The long weekend was a busy one with lots of progress made on the mini sumo. I sat down in front of the mill, and machined the robot’s body out of a single piece of 1″ thick Delrin, a task requiring a lot of care to not mess up, as one slip up has the potential to ruin the entire part, and hours of work.All in all, I think it turned out very well. Delrin machines very well, although does require a vacuum cleaner close by to continually clean up all the chips that accumulate, especially considering how much material I removed….

I also spun the two aluminum motor mounts, and cut the stainless steel base plate that seal off the bottom of the body. Still a lot of work to do on the chassis, and the circuit design is progressing slowly.. Now it’s just a race against time to get the PCBs made, circuits debugged, and a rudimentary program written up to get the robot running for the games. It’ll be tight, but I think It will be ready…

Here are some additional pictures…

Delrin Body Bottom

Bottom view of the Chassis

Delrin Body Front

Front view, with motor mounts and hub vissible

Milling the inside of the Delrin Body

Milling out the inside of the Chassis, where the electronics and batteries will go

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