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Adventures in Mold Making Part II


Removing the prototype tire from the mold


The first tire.

After 16 painful-to-wait hours, I cracked open the mold to check out the first prototype tire. It turned out very nicely, and much better than my previous adventures so many years ago. (Maybe when i get a chance I’ll dig up some of my old stuff to use as a comparison).

The traction on these tires is amazing, and the dark blue colour looks cool, however I think I’ll use a bit less pigment next time. The tricky part will be maintaining a consistent amount of pigment, since I only have one tire mold and will have to mix up a new batch for each tire I make. Making another mold would take valuable time away that I need to work on the chassis and electronics design if I’m to have any chance of finishing in time for the WCRG…

Note the air bubble that caused a missing piece in the tire.. Since this was a prototype tire that I plan to rip apart to test the strength, I wasn’t too concerned about fixing that part while molding it.

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