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Mini Sumo Motor Mounts

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated, and I have gotten a little bit of work done on the robots in between ice diving adventures, and working on the Jeep. Most of the progress made has been playing with software (Investigating webcams and OpenCV for Spyder’s machine vision) and hardware design (PCB layouts for Spyder’s many circuits.)

Motor Mount 4

Motor Mount Prototype

Motor Mount 3

Motor Mount Prototype

Today, however, I sat down and got some machining work done for my mini sumo. I was wrestling (no pun intended) with the idea of how to mount the motors, and eventually decided to make a flanged sleeve for the motor to fit inside, which will then be securly attatched to the frame of the robot. The first attempt turned out pretty good, although not quite perfetct, as I didn’t properly square it off in one of the steps. It’s useable, but I’ll have to decide wether or not I want to make another one.

So, things are slowly comming a long. I’m afraid I won’t have all the circuitry I wanted to put into the mini sumo done in time for the robot games (chiefly goverened by the long lead time for budget PCB’s from batchPCB), but hopefully I can at least get something that will run arount the ring. I suppose as a backup, I do have my H-Bridge prototype board I could use to control it.. Complete with high-efficiency H-Bridge, and a powerful little 9s12 to control it all… Hmm..

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