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Mexico Feb ‘09

I spent the past week and a bit diving in the Yucatan with my lovely girlfriend / dive-buddy-extraordinaire, and the warm water recreational diving oh so easy compared to what we contend with up here (We didn’t have to hike gear into a mountain lake, didn’t have to deal with cold water and plenty of insulation under drysuits requiring plenty of lead to sink, great visibility), and as always in warm water, there was so much amazing life to see. Great diving! It almost makes me want to move somewhere warmer.. But then if I lived somewhere warmer, I know I’d just look forward to vacations back up to Canada for the great west coast diving and rocky mountain lake diving…


Hangin' out on a safety stop

The funny thing that we both noticed about the cenote diving, however,  is just how much of a striking resemblance the cavern areas resembled the walls at Horseshoe lake in Jasper. Granted that Horeshoe is a sort of a lake-based wall dive, and doesn’t have caverns or caves that we know about, but the rocks, tree limbs, small amount of life, etc, really did seem quite similar.

Now, after a nice warm vacation, we’re getting ready to do some local ice diving.. A bit of a shift, but that’s diving!

Anyways, just some rambling about my trip, and an appology-less explanation why there hasn’t been any progress on my robots in the past couple of weeks.

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