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Code Progress is Still Progress

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated, and to those following my project I apologize, I know how annoying it is to see an interesting project on the net stall for years. (well, at least I hope my project the info I’m putting is useful/interesting/inspiring to others)

Long story short, I left my old job last December, moved cities and started a new job in a different industry. Needless to say, life has been busy, and I haven’t had as much time for my projects as I’d like, which may or may not be a good thing depending how you view it. Moving 1,154 km away from my Dad’s basement workshop hasn’t helped either. No more driving to my parents place to do machine work in my spare time. I’m left to slowly acquire my own tools now.

I haven’t forgotten about the quadruped, and have even managed to get some work done on it. I’ve powered up the motor drivers and haven’t found any major design errors yet, which is a good sign. Motors are spinning, and potentiometers are being sensed properly. I still need to do a bit of work to tap the 0-80 holes to mount the angle sensors, and machine the drive shafts a little bit to engage said angle sensors properly, before I can get the PID controller working properly to move the joint to the appropriate angle.

I’m also considering moving to brass gears, at least on the motor. I’m not overly concerned about the Delrin gears stripping, as there shouldn’t be a massive loads on them that cause outright concern, but I am having trouble mounting them securely to the motor shafts. As it ends up, Delrin is a bit flexible, enough so that it won’t hold a set screw securely, and even with a set screw the motor shafts end up spinning inside the gear. Moving to a brass screw should solve this problem, and is likely the easiest solution, albeit a little bit expensive.

On that note, you may have noticed I’ve put up ads. For the longest time I’ve been against ads on my personal website, but web hosting and robotics as a hobby does cost money. I haven’t really settled on whether or not I’ll keep the ads yet…

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