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Why am I not certified as apprentice? I have a certification as journeyer and apprentice. I want more capabilities. Please, please, please cerify me.

How many people actually read diaries? I read them a lot because I can't post anything nor reply. Please certify me as Apprentice.

I have a list of the electronic parts of the robot. They are as follows: -1 battery holder (4 "C" cell batteries) -2 2N2222A transistors -4 1N4001 Diodes -2 1000 micro-farade capacitors -2 0.1 micro-farade capacitors -2 1k ohm patentiometers -2 lever action snap switches (SPDT) -4 5v SPDT relays -2 3-4 v DDC motors -2 470 ohm resistors I should have the Lego parts to put the frame together soon.

18 Apr 2002 (updated 18 Apr 2002 at 19:31 UTC) »

Please post me as a Apprentice. I want to be able to chat. I need ideas. Please e-mail me at with ideas. I am working on my robot he is going to be my science project. But I want to keep making robots. I want the capabilities of an apprentice. I can't really do any thing. This is my list of stuff. You can Link to publicly accesible page, You can post a Diary entry, or you can Logout. Now is that a list of stuff to do? I want the capabilities.

17 Apr 2002 (updated 17 Apr 2002 at 22:03 UTC) »

I am in the middle of building my first robot. He will have two motors for his two wheels. He will have a third wheel but that moves freely on a peg attached to the body. He has a push sensor so that if he bumps something he will stop, go in reverse then go forward again. I need to get the Lego's and one part on the PC board of the one and then comes testing day. That should be fun.

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