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RoboDo - Distractions

BrainBoy and the Slug: BrainBoy was an NXT bot which navigated with the sonic sensor, while the Slug had no sensors. The 2 were in communication via bluetooth, with BrainBoy recording its movements, introducing a 3 move lag, then transmitting moves to the slug, who just followed along. I was exploring an idea for the robotic transportation of military goods where a manned truck would be followed by an unlimited number of unmanned robot trucks carrying supplies.

The Chariot: The Chariot was another experimental bot which featured a front powered section (without sensors) which pulled a trailer containing a sensor array. Having the sensors in an unpowered trailer allowed me to build a sensor array that was capable of continuous 360 degree rotation.

Just for the record... this intensive electromechanical research and development phase, involving numerous iterations, each exploring different design possibilities while keeping within the physical constraints of the available robotic prototyping system should never be confused with "playing with Legos." Someone needs to explain this to my girlfriend.

Ok, maybe the robo-forklift was just for fun.

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