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Today I´finished the chassis for a multi purpose robot. It´s a 6 wheel drive with a lot of torque, taking a 40 degree ascent without problem. I tried to make drive on a 45 degree ascent, but it tipped over. Next step will be making a bumper and a grabber. The chassis can hold 2 RCX´s, but for its first purpose I´ll only use 1. It´s first task is to serve as a solution to M006 on the official Lego MindStorms site. I´ve completed it before, but think I can do it better, so I´m giving it another try. My earlier robot can be seen here: http://www.robotcafe.com/gallery/images/18.jpg It worked pretty good, but I wasn´t satisfied with the programming part, it ran on a timer sequence. This time, by using rotation sensors, I´ll go for a more "bulletproof" programming solution. I plan to have the bumper and grabber parts build in a couple of weeks. When I´m done with M006, rebuild the add-ons to be for more all-round purposes. I´ll update as it progresses.

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