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14 Jun 2001 (updated 14 Jun 2001 at 00:58 UTC) »

Today I added some sensors to the chassish, which I from now on will refer to as AR(Autonomous Rover). The rover is designed for traveling on a white surface. It now features 2 RCX´s(X1 & X2), a double bumper(1), edge detection(2), line following sensors(3) and ascent(30 degrees) bumper(4). I will program and test it carefully and when everything works as planned, I´ll add a grabber arm somewhere in the front. 4 outputs are saved for that. It uses skid stearing.

1: The ascent bumper are located at the back, like a tail, and makes contact when the robot start to drive up an ascent 30-31 degrees or higher; the robot will back up. The raw chassis have been driving without problems at a 40 degree ascent, but just to make as "bulletproof" as posible, it now only takes a max of 30degrees.

2: The edge detection will be programmed to see when ít goes over an edge. The 2 lightsensors are suported by lamps for making the readings as equal as posible. The edge detection shares inputs with 2 of the line following sensors; when following a line in M006, you don´t come near the edges.

3: It´s a traditional double bumper; determines wich side of the front that bumps into something.

4: 3 light sensors should secure a steady(kindof) travel along the line. The left & right ones are just in front of the RCX´s, the 3rd are placed under the RCX´s and uses a lamp.

X1: The left bumper, line sensor and edge detector are on port 1. The ascent bumper and the middle line sensor are on port 2. The right bumper, line sensor and edge detector are on port 3.

X2: The left rotation sensor are on port 1. the right rotation sensor are on port 3. The left motor are on port A. The right motor are on port b which also includes the 3 lamps.

3 Lamps, 2 Motors, 5 Lightsensors, 3 Touchsensors and 2 Rotation sensors.

In a couple of days, aphoto can be seen here: userid=9C7C2940351F37B0CDC77C1FDFA1AD09#Autonomous

Today I´finished the chassis for a multi purpose robot. It´s a 6 wheel drive with a lot of torque, taking a 40 degree ascent without problem. I tried to make drive on a 45 degree ascent, but it tipped over. Next step will be making a bumper and a grabber. The chassis can hold 2 RCX´s, but for its first purpose I´ll only use 1. It´s first task is to serve as a solution to M006 on the official Lego MindStorms site. I´ve completed it before, but think I can do it better, so I´m giving it another try. My earlier robot can be seen here: It worked pretty good, but I wasn´t satisfied with the programming part, it ran on a timer sequence. This time, by using rotation sensors, I´ll go for a more "bulletproof" programming solution. I plan to have the bumper and grabber parts build in a couple of weeks. When I´m done with M006, rebuild the add-ons to be for more all-round purposes. I´ll update as it progresses.

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