2 Mar 2002 ROB.T.   » (Master)

In order to fully understand what a leg is going to be able to do, I've started working on what I call the lower ``table'', the base body that will manage 4 of the legs - when all 4 legs are on the ground it looks like a table. I've had a rough idea of what the rest of the base would look like beyond the legs, but I'm only now starting to sit down and understand all that needs to be done. Placing 4 leg-segment in the space I've allocated won't be easy, but I've pushed out the width dimension which should help.

I have a sega game pad hooked up to a transceiver which I plan to use to control the base module. What I really need is a hack for the 802.11A ethernet PCMCIA cards so I can interface my robot directly to a home network. I've been talking to my robotics group and doing a lot of research, but I'm just not finding a decent hacks/products/docs on wireless ethernet using the 802.11 standard. I don't know if I want to put forth the effort to make a WLAN happen, but man it would be cool.

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