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My thoughts are still coming together for my robot. I've decided I want my robot to be able to climb stairs at the very least. Naturally this means I need more motors. I really need some sort of rapid turning screw for linear motion to extend the legs, but it looks like I'm stuck with worm gear motors. What I plan to do is dedicate two motors to the linear motion of each leg, bringing the total number of motors per leg to 4. This is actually working out well - I will need 7 of 8 ADCs from the microcontroller and I will build the entire leg and leg-control board as one sweet unit. I'm also going to try and place the batteries into the base module of the robot (into the tables). The advantage is that the system is more compact, the disadvantage is that I won't be able to us the batteries as counter weights, like a tail. This design might change after I build the first prototype. I might need to purchase new, thinner batteries.

Speaking of prototypes, I'm still working on the first leg. All the mechanics are done for two joints, now I have to incorporate the design changes and add two new motors. The slop in the two joints I built is definitely going to be a factor, but I am still confident I can program around it.

The total number of motors for the base module is now up to 34. I keep track of this number because it gives me an indication of how heavy my robot is going to be. Rough estimates put the robot weight at around 60 pound. I've got a feel for what the power consumption is going to beand it looks like more batteries = good power, bad weight ratio.

For the casual reader -

I know these journal entries look pretty cryptic without the actual components to reference them to - I'm working with Jeff Sampson to get some pictures on my page.

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