21 Feb 2002 ROB.T.   » (Master)

I need to add cables, a strain gage, and the pots, and the mechanics for the first leg will be complete. A potential problem is that the leg cannot obtain absolute rigidity. This is a common issue and I've had it before, I will simply plan for it during the programming phase. Once again the leg when complete will have 2 motors, two pots for motor positions, and a strain gage for the toe (which I need to test). I have the leg suspended from a clamp so I can raise or lower it depending on the experiment.

The prototype leg controller-board is also almost done, I need to add a 24V power-supply and look for shorts. Right now it's a kludge on a copper-clad bread board - I'm trying to get away from this method or prototyping, maybe someday when I find time. I've added 4 LEDs to observe L298 position, an LED for 5V power, and an LED to ensure the processor is working. I have current sense resistors, though I still need to get the amplifiers for them and the strain gage. I don't think I need to journal errors at this level so the programming for the leg module should be fairly easy (famous last words?).

Hopefully this weekend I will have figured out what the command set for the leg module and maybe even the encompassing base module. What would be the coolest would be to figure how to program the robot so that it will learn how to move all by itself. I better make some use cases.

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