17 Jul 2003 ROB.T.   » (Master)

The ``true test'' of my faith in my robotics abilities has finally arrived.

A little background - I've been working on the Robocities concept (the concept of having multiple little robots construct a place they can ``call their own'' out of foam) and I have created a prototype bricklayer that will be a little slow but should work. The goal of this project is to introduce a book and a web page that will inspire advanced robotics hobbyists to build their own cities.

With this in mind I've opted to order the full complement of prototype boards for 10 controller sets - a total cost of $4,500 - which, in addition to some of the boards I already have, will be used to control 7 robots 4 infrastructure projects, and 1 user/computer interface. I estimate I'll need about another $2,000 to begin to raise the cities and to complete the infrastructure projects.

Normally I would simply stretch this out over the next 3 years or so and gradually get it done. But the taxes on our new home just shot up another $350 a month, and my monthly cash outlay has now exceeded my cash intake. So now I have an extreme need to make more money, which frankly, I doubt I'm going to get through mobile robotics at this time. So that means I'm going to have to either work two jobs, or get a better job, either way robotics time is going to get shelved fairly soon.

So this is it. I've opted to extend myself as far as I can go financially to get this robotics project together and out to the community, and after this, I don't know.

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