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OK, college is finally over (after 16 years) and I've got me one of them there pieces of paper. So now the question is do I pursue robotics or do I get a real job (complete with career)? After talking to my wife, I've determined that I can always get a real job later, and for now I will focus on robotics.

This is good because I made one of those napkin contract (lower left corner - I might have been drinking...) with Bruce Shapiro, a guy from my robotics club with deep affiliations with our local Science Museum, indicating that if I complete my Robocities concept and he will talk to the science museum people and find a space for my creation.

I consider this a no-brainer since I was going to complete this project anyway and even go so far as to write about it.

I've already secured a lot of the proto-type boards I want to use and was working on the mechanical side of thing - when disaster struck. A little detail I ignored - commonly referred to as ``physics'' - informed me that the way I was planning to build walls would produced more torque on a particular motor then it was capable of handling.

Needless to say my carefully laid plans have been dashed on the rocks below.

So for the next day or two I'll be working on ``plan B'' which I hope works because ``plan C'' will reduce my robot's efficiency roughly in half.

So there it is folks, the nitty-gritty of robot- building in action.

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