20 Apr 2003 ROB.T.   » (Master)

I have two weeks left of school for my CS degree and then it's over ...

My second wave of boards are on their way from Olimex. It'll take me about a month to test them.

Predecessor is experiencing an ``operational pause'' due to low funds (external factors sucked my robot budget dry). I'm really not in the mood to switch projects in mid stream, but hey, finances are finances. I take some comfort in the knowledge that my other two major projects integrate nicely with the technologies developed for Predecessor. So I picked one of the other projects to work on with the remainder of this years funds - Robocities.

Robocities is a pretty cool concept - robots build a city- like structure using foam blocks. I did some extensive work on this concept about three years ago, but lost interest when my class load increased. Kept in the back of my mind as one of the ``Big Three'' projects that I want to write about, it will make a nice transitional project for intermediate hobbyists and a good collective project for universities who work on ``swarm'' robotics.

Since Robocities shares the same technologies as Predecessor, a tremendous amount of work is already done. Another plus is I can prove the concept by building one robot - three machines gets the whole thing up and going. I've ordered the motors for those machines, but I'm still developing the sensor set I'll need to make the project work.

In other news it looks like my robotics group TCRG is experiencing some frustration at low turnout and project stalls. I'm generally unable to attend meeting - lately because of school - but I should be at the next one (in a month) to share my project construction experiences. Maybe I'll even have a small Robocity Robot up and running.

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