27 Jan 2003 ROB.T.   » (Master)

I've finally moved past the problems with my ICE200 emulator -

Problem #1: The emulator produced random noises on the lines and wouldn't output the data to the ports in a regular fashion.

Fix: I was using the 9VAC 200-ma power supply I used on my tiny ICE200 emulator, I switched to a Radio Shack 9VDC 800- ma power supply.

Problem#2: While port B, C, and D functioned properly, port A only sort-of functioned with some lines responding properly and some lines not turning on at all.

Fix: I read the manual (finally - this is my second edit of this post). It seems I neglected to hook AVCC to VCC which must be done when the A/D stuff isn't being used. Who knew.

The board review and testing continues. I hope to have a second proto-board set ordered early February.

On the hardware side I've produced a decent coupler for the type of motor I'm using, but I still have to test it. I've also received a gear-rack set I want to test with the idea of using gear racks to extend the legs.

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