11 Jan 2003 ROB.T.   » (Master)

I got my boards back from Olimex the other day, they look nice, real professional. I'll be hard pressed to go back to etching my own PCBs. The only real problem I had was it took almost 3 weeks to get them. Olimex had them done and shipped in two days, but it took a few weeks to get to me. Shipping was probably delayed because of Christmas.

As expected I'm finding errors in my schematics and PCB layouts, so I'm documenting them with the intent of fixing before I order the next set. I'm also having a slight problem getting some of the connectors, they won't be available until 1/22/03. I haven't tested the boards yet, but most are at least partially populated and they look good and fit together great.

I've also been working on a leg axis design that includes a mounted motor and a potentiometer for position sensing. While welding two separate pieces of aluminum, I've been having problems due to one piece being made of a different grade of aluminum than the other and melts faster. Another problem is getting all the pieces to lined up properly. I'm thinking up some tools and methods to get me past these difficulties and speed up development time.

Design wise, I have finally gotten the number of robot- size options to two, the difference being the us of 8 batteries or 4 batteries. I'll probably build for 8.

I promised my robot club that I would submit the UML diagrams I'm using during the design phase of my robot, so today I'm working on that.

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