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Naturally my University extended my degree program to include 1 more semester, they tell me if I pass this class and the next I'll be done by summer. So I've had to deal with more class time and homework, but that doesn't mean I've stopped working on Predecessor...

Since I couldn't find the motors I need anymore, I upgraded to a car window motor, in fact I bought 50 of them. I also bought (8) 12V-17Ah batteries to power this beast, and I upgraded the drawer slides I'll be using to extend the legs.

I've determined that this robot has gotten to a size that requires some welds, so I'm collecting MIG welding equipment as well.

But wait there's more -

The following proto-boards have been completed and are waiting to be sent out for a test run - Controller Board AT90S8535 (Atmel), L298 Driver Board, Sensor Board - Strain Gauge Amplifier, Analog Board, Test Board - Switch, Test Board - LED, Emulator Board, Expansion Board, and a Motor interface Board. I still need to make the RF modem Board, Communication Board - SPI, and the Remote control Interface Board. Hopefully all these boards will be sent to Olimex by December. Fellow TCRG member Alan Kilian had these boards made there.

The cool thing about these boards is they are very modular so I can use them to make other robots. Part of the Core Technologies concept the Twin Cities Robotics Group has been developing.

The president of TCRG, Jeff Sampson, has working on a robot-qualifying concept called the ``Science Museum Challenge'' or SMC. The basic idea is that your robot maneuvers from the parking lot of the Science Museum of Minnesota, up a couple levels and through the lobby, up a couple more levels and to the room where the robot meeting is held. The current rough draft has the SMC divided into different degrees of achievement, the first being to guide your robot remotely, and higher SMC levels can be reached by the addition of various layers of AI to your robot (Jeff is still working on this part). Jeff has been working on his own robot for SMC.

I want to have the Predecessor platform ready to take on the SMC - Remote by summer. Well, that's my intent. As my wife continues to say - "Show me the Robot".

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