9 May 2002 ROB.T.   » (Master)

I laid out the board I call the controller. This board simply has an AT90S8535, support components, and 8 connectors one for each port on each side of the board. I'm going to give it a once over and send it off to a board house and see how it goes. Since I have to build 8 of these 3'' boards, It's going to cost me $327 just for the controller boards and I still have many boards left to lay out. Here is a list of the boards I need to assemble just to get the platform to walk -

8 controller boards

8 motor boards

8 leg-stack test boards

8 strain gauge amplifying boards

1 SPI communication board

1 communication controller (probably the same as the leg

controller boards)

1 RF modem board

1 communication test board

1 power board

1 Emulator board

I haven't worked out the single boards yet, and I still need to lay out the motor boards and the stack-test boards - they're next.

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