18 Apr 2002 Psyco   » (Journeyer)

Hi all its me again ("oh god no") i've actually started on my robot project and I need to know a few things:

can anyone tell me how to hook up a basic stamp to a bread bord insted of a carrier board?(im running out of cash)

Its going to be a 3 wheeled robot with a mapping system inside it, the system will work by two instruments a compuss (no not the electrical one a real one with brushes so it is accurate) ans a tracker wheel that mesures the distance that the robot has gone by "clicking over".

When the tracker clicks over the robot will look at the compuss and calculate using a grid where it is, it will then turn that area of the grid off if i crashes into something it'll turn that area on so after a while it'll know where it is going. Any ideas that can help me? please email:



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