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15 Dec 2001 (updated 16 Dec 2001 at 02:21 UTC) »

Well Ive started on the design of the finger, it's pretty basic: When you bend your finger some parts get closer together and some further apart. So if i were to put two wires apart from eachouther but when the finger part comes together they connect. This will activate a motor witch will move the robot's finger. Later when I lurn Basic I'll make it with sensors and more acurate. Then I will turn it into a hand so I can get something that is far away without moving much. If you have any good informaition or you know were on the net I can lurn Basic plese Email me at: Psyco_0011@hotmail.com Thanks for reading this.

I want to make robot hand that will respond to my movements. But I think I'll start with a finger and then move along to the hand.

10 Dec 2001 (updated 14 Dec 2001 at 23:12 UTC) »


I made my first robot. It's a BEAM robot bug thing. Thanks to http://members.tripod.com/robomaniac_2001 for giving me the design. Now i am going to make a more helpful robot to use around the house.

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