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Started work on my robot today (or tommorow for most of you) made the base and got the wheels hooked up, still need to get the gear boxes. Then ill need to get a basic stamp 2 for the controll. Still working on mapping system, need to make a distance wheel and a compass.

Just as a question, Is it better to have 2 driving wheels and a tuning wheel or the two driving wheels as turning wheels as well (one stops the ther one goes)?

And how do you make a cheap easy h bridge?

Email: Psyco_0011@hotmail.com

Hi all its me again ("oh god no") i've actually started on my robot project and I need to know a few things:

can anyone tell me how to hook up a basic stamp to a bread bord insted of a carrier board?(im running out of cash)

Its going to be a 3 wheeled robot with a mapping system inside it, the system will work by two instruments a compuss (no not the electrical one a real one with brushes so it is accurate) ans a tracker wheel that mesures the distance that the robot has gone by "clicking over".

When the tracker clicks over the robot will look at the compuss and calculate using a grid where it is, it will then turn that area of the grid off if i crashes into something it'll turn that area on so after a while it'll know where it is going. Any ideas that can help me? please email:



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For a science project, We have to make something thats "hands on" or interactable. The person who got top marks last year made a "thing" that explaned ohm's law (borrring) so im going to make a robot that is self controllable in an environment and can reconise some speech commands. It will "feed" off a power supply for about two hours then return to it's um...life? Where it will rome around the model invironment. It will use a basic stamp as a microcontroller. Iv'e already finished the design and a ruff copy of the programming .Soon i'll get the parts and then I can start to build.

Areas to finish: 1. Design 2. Build robot 3. Wash dog...I mean make environment

Current Steps: 1.0 Start design (fin) 1.1 Complete design (yet to be done) Est finish time: 10/08/02

Due date: Uncertain as of yet

Hope to get the website up soon.

Good luck to ROB.T. on building the robot and to anyone else who is Building one.

If you have any ideas that could help me in any way please email me at Psyco_0011@hotmail.com


PS: Sorry about all the cirtifying, I only gave it to people who desurved it (exept one or two).

Sorry about the spelling and the lenght of this

Remember if you have any good info or websites PLEASE email me at: PSYCO_0011@hotmail.com

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Its been a veeeerrrry long time since ive used the diary, but i need help, Need to build a robot for a science project thats due at the end of the year. If you know any good websites on how to programe a micro-controller or any good robot websites then can you please email me at Psyco_0011@hotmail.com


Thanks to werner, that battle bots thing is cool and easy to use and its easy to get at http://robocode.alphaworks.ibm.com/home/home.html

18 Dec 2001 (updated 31 Dec 2001 at 23:41 UTC) »


Not much new. Untill I get some more money.

Thanks to all that cirtified me. Now that i am an aprentice i can put in my projets (when i finally finish them).

Im waiting for my microcontroller to come in so i can get started on "the hand".

Plese some one cirtify me to an aprentice so I can put my robots on.

15 Dec 2001 (updated 16 Dec 2001 at 02:21 UTC) »

Well Ive started on the design of the finger, it's pretty basic: When you bend your finger some parts get closer together and some further apart. So if i were to put two wires apart from eachouther but when the finger part comes together they connect. This will activate a motor witch will move the robot's finger. Later when I lurn Basic I'll make it with sensors and more acurate. Then I will turn it into a hand so I can get something that is far away without moving much. If you have any good informaition or you know were on the net I can lurn Basic plese Email me at: Psyco_0011@hotmail.com Thanks for reading this.

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