11 Feb 2003 Pontifier   » (Apprentice)

I was thinking about an ai program i want to write, and I realised that every single person on this planet that can write is a cyborg. part of your mind has become fixed to something outside you. I then extrapolated this to programming... programmers design systems to make desisions automatically. the programmer/program group is a kind of symbiotic inteligence. without the program the programmer is less... and tasks must be done manually. Without the programmer, the program doesn't exits at all.

My webserver is a part of me. it is like a mouth through which I can speak.

My webpages and notebooks are a part of me. they are like my memorys that i want to think about.

My robots are a part of me. they are like limbs i can use to work.

I would not be complete without the things I make, and should i loose them, they will live in me.

I love technology.

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