22 Jan 2003 Pontifier   » (Apprentice)

I just got back from the MURC competition on the 18th of jan. the robot i built for the competition... "Sharp Tooth"... lost both of the 1 on 1 fights, and was knocked out fast in 12 pound rumble #2 , but i did have a wonderfull time meeting all the builders and seeing all the awesome robots.

I got a few comments about my unique weapon, it is a spinning disk powered spike that fires automatically when a robot is in the path of the weapon. it has the advantages of both kinds of weapons... high speed spinning power storage, and a directed penetrating output for all the force instead of a glancing blow. unfortunately it didn't work all that well. steering was a problem, and the arena floor was slippery, i was going for car style drive and steering, but it didn't work very well. next time i will do 2 wheel differential steering.

I did a lot of work on my robot at Jerome Miles's house. he really helped me out a bunch. His robot named "It Doesn't Matter" won a rumble and he got a trophy. I had a great time, the whole thing was awesome.

An update about the robot arm i built: It was SWEET! all the little kids loved it, all the adults were facinated. it was a total success! everyone that has seen it has thought it was amazing, as soon as I can figure out how to set up a linux server i will have some videos of the arm, and the competition to show all y''all!

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