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15 Feb 2011 (updated 15 Feb 2011 at 01:29 UTC) »
Japanese humanoid robot learns to clean a whiteboard

The video shows a Japanese humanoid robot (Fujitsu HOAP-2) learning a surface cleaning task by imitation learning. The present approach allows a free-standing, self-balancing humanoid robot to acquire new motor skills by kinesthetic teaching.

Video credit:
Dr. Petar Kormushev
Prof. Dragomir N. Nenchev

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25 Sep 2010 (updated 25 Sep 2010 at 16:23 UTC) »

Robot Archer iCub

Humanoid robot iCub learns the skill of archery. It learns by itself to aim and shoot arrows at the target. It manages to hit the center of the target in only 8 trials.

The experiments were conducted by Dr. Petar Kormushev, Dr. Sylvain Calinon, and Dr. Ryo Saegusa at the Italian Institute of Technology.

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