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At this moment I have 2 completed combat robots, and 2 under construction. They are as follows:


My first combat robot. He's a 12 lb, 3 wheeled, vertical spinner. Competed with him at the HSRC, and won the combat rounds undefeated. Status: Active


My second combat robot is an antweight built for the NERC events. He's a six-legged walker, with cut CD's for legs. and a spinning vertical disc weapon. His first fight will be at the ARC in Albany on 8/18/01. Status: Active


This will be my 30 lb combat robot for the IHXRC in Chicago. It is a 2 wheeled rammer, with a slashing tail. This will be my first robot with an interchangeable weapon pod. The first pod is a ramming pod, the second will be a lifting arm. Status: Under Construction


This will be my 325 lb version of my 12 lb 911, being built for Battlebots. Status: Under Construction

You can see them at WWW.911superheavy.COM

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