17 Sep 2003 ObsoleteSuperMan   » (Observer)

alot has happened since my last entry. changed my primary controller to a pc mmotherboard running windows. the robot control software is being written in visual basic. here are some things being worked on and added now that i have more power and functionality.

speech synthesis (this was the easiest part, it works well)

sound and speech recognition (i have some outlines and ideas, not much working code though)

vision via color webcam (still looking for a good usb cam with a great SDK)

Self Programming behavioral and learning patterns (it's a radical idea i have evolved from others ideas. i think it works well so far. a robot that gains it's personality from it's interaction with its environment. awe shibby, it's sweet!)

delagation of functions to micro controllers (the pc tells the micro where to move, the micro moves it and reports back it's progress. the micro tells the pc when it's sensors spot something and the pc determins a course of action.)

one thing your really gonna have to watch for in my robots are their ability to learn new things and ways of doing things via teaching instead of programming. so far, it seems like i'll be baby talking my robots till my code gets a little more advanced. for the most part it learns by associating images, colors, shapes, words, strings of actions, and then trying to make sense of things by compareing things to it's memory banks, then acheving more definition via communication and interaction. then from what one robot learns, another robot can be updated with that memory and then can act like that robot also. hopefully, two robots that i build identically can be seperated for a whole month and be interacted with by different people in different environments, will in the end act like two different robots. say robot one and two come in contact with the same object. one might grasp the object and pull on it because it was tought by encouragement to do so, the other might ignore the object all together or even let out a blurb of speech noting that it had seen an object it recognized but had no further interest in it. my ideas are radical and my code progresses slowly. soooo... some people need to start joining the HELP ME HELP YOU robotics project. if you have any experience with VB(any version). all code is shared with the group, and only the group. it's an ishow you my code if you show me yours thing. it works.

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