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February 10th, 2007

A week or so ago I welded the frame of the back of the car, as you can see in the picture (the I-shaped structure next to the identical front of the car). The ends of the "I" - which the A-Arms connect to, had bent inwards when they had been welded to, decreasing the distance by almost a quarter of an inch on each of the four corners. I fixed this in the only way I could think of, pounding them as hard as I could with a monkey wrench. I then ground down the metal that rotates with the A-Arms (and fits between the ends of the I) to fit just right. I also went to Home Depot to get some more tubing for bushings, and some more supplies. I got new pins for the axles, but they did not fit, and neither Home Depot nor NAPA Auto Supplies had the nylon washers or ratchet adapters I needed.

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