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August 11th, 2006

I got back from rowing 16th century style spanish longboats all day, windsurfing, and sailing at Camp Gallagher (one of my favorite places ever!), and got right back to work on the electric car. I finished an on/off circuit which I can now use rather than disconnecting all the circuitry from the batteries. It should be good for 10A to pass through it - enough to power all the electronics, including the computer. When it is off, the motor controller circuits and whatnot use about 3mA. I wanted to keep the power consumption while the vehicle is "turned off" below one milliamp, but I guess three is okay. I also went to Zeigler's Welding and bought 32 feet of 3/4" steel tubing today for $33 (not the best deal, but it saved a lot of driving) and bought a 4.5" angle grinder on eBay for $25 (comes with 5 cutting blades and 5 grinding blades.. pretty good deal!). I'm still looking for a welder I can borrow. I added up prices from receipts I have and so far I've spent somewhere over $400 on this electric vehicle.

I put some pictures up at http://www.craterfish.org/teamprodigies?pictures?2006/Aug.

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