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July 28th, 2006

I got the ten MOSFETs I ordered in the mail and set out to repair the damaged H-bridge circuit. I got a good start by melting another MOSFET. I was still working on the flame- blackened board that had an unknown problem. I probably should have just started over, but I wanted first of all to find out WHAT the problem was, and second I already had most of the work done on this board.

After many hours of testing, desoldering, resoldering, and fighting combat stealth mosquitos, I found the problem. Where a 100k resistor should have been, there was a 47 ohm resistor. How frustrating. I took all my test point solders out and began resoldering components in. Just as I was soldering the last connection, the mosquitos launched a synchonized V-formation attack, but I perservered. I connected the board, and it worked. I now have all four H- bridge circuits fully functional.

Tomorrow is my last day before getting ready for camp, and my goal was to have all the electronics for the car done. I will build the plexiglass housings for the H-bridge circuits, and solder the on/off security circuit for the car, thereby completing all the circuitry.

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