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July 25th, 2006

I haven't posted in a while. I just finished the emergency circuit. The signals for the H-bridge circuits (high power, low power, and direction) pass through this circuit. When the big red emergency button is pressed it will bypass the other circuitry and put the brakes on 50% to bring the car to a stop. Follow the link below to see a picture of it.


A couple days ago I soldered the other three H-bridge circuits, but when I tested them only two worked properly. The third only ran the motor in one direction. When I got out the multimeter to test points, I accidentally touched two solder points together and the whole thing went up in flames. Not fun. I ordered some more MOSFETs, as well as four 20AH batteries which I got for under $100 including shipping and handling plus a one year warranty!

I'm leaving for a summer camp on the 31st and I'll be going up north, so I think I'll pick up Chris's welder on the way back to begin the frame.

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